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Issue #4367 wontfix

Team Administrator don't have access to private repositories (BB-4888)

Project Open Cannibal
created an issue

I just created a new team (well, converted to a team) and gave one of my members explicit 'admin' access to all repositories.

According to logic, the added member should have read/write access to all team repositories regardless of their public/private status. They are, after all, 'administrator' members.

However this is not the case. The member I explicitly gave admin rights to could see all private repositories but could not even read from them. Yet he could go in and change the public/private status at will, as well as perform all other administrative functions.

This is really bad design, and should be fixed. At the very least, team administrators should have a minimum of read access to private repositories but that somewhat defeats the purpose of the 'administrator' type.

Comments (5)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    It is possible that some users may intend for a member of a team to only be able to adjust rights to a repo for others, but not necessarily have read/write access to that repository. This was done by design. We do, however, review this feedback regularly and make changes as needed. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Dylan Etkin


    This is done on purpose.

    If you would like your administrators to also have access to your repositories you need to toggle the default access level for that group (ATM you have said the group is administrators but you have not given that group default access of Admin).

    When you create a team from scratch this is how we setup the team groups for you. However we try to be flexible so if you do not want your admins counting towards your plan limit you can do so.

    If you change the default group access for those admins then it should behave the way you suggest.



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