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Gianluca Padovani created an issue

I imported a git repository called "MyRepo" but in bitbucket is named "myrepo" so when I deploy my application on linux machine the directory is called "myrepo" not "MyRepo".

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  1. Denis R

    The same with Mercurial repo but I suppose its not the issue because of you could "clone" repo with any name on local PC

    for example : "hg clone https://bla-bla-bla MyRepo" will give you folder MyRepo locally

  2. Gianluca Padovani reporter

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    I don't try with hg repo but I suppose you are correct. The problem is that in my deployment script, I use capistrano, my application is called in case sensitive name (MyRepo), so when the repo is cloned the command doesn't work.

    2012/7/25 Denis Ryleev <>:

  3. Gianluca Padovani reporter

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    Probably in this way will work If you have a new deployment. I have already a deployment active in a directory called "MyRepo" so I should rename it in myrepo, change some path in Apache configuration, etc ...

    Probably I'll do it because I want use bitbucket instead of my private repo. I hope that Bitbucket will be case sensitive in the future ... :-)

    thank you Gianluca

    2012/7/25 Denis R <>:

  4. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Repo slugs are lowercased by design. We don't have any plans to change that at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

  5. Yif Dai

    But the question is "Is this a good design?". You should give the user the freedom to name her repository as she likes, rather than default the name she has chosen to whatever you prefer. This is not only a concern of inconvenience, it is just inconsistent or controversial to file name conventions promoted by almost all modern OSes.

  6. UnderworldProject

    have to agree with yi dai here. this is annoying, and out of line with most operating systems. oh well.

  7. Marcos Rocha

    Yi D, I agree.

    Some tools / frameworks by convention uses case sensitive dirs. Would be great a case sensitive repo.

  8. Jerry Tromp

    Especially annoying when you just moved 60 projects from GitHub to BitBucket, where as on GitHub case sensitive reposlugs are actually allowed. Shame this is not considered something to be fixed.

  9. Özgür Meliye

    xCode ise case sensitive so when i fix my file name and i couldnt commit it, i figured out like this, change file name and commit, after that fix the name and commit with push,

    but still meanless why dont you fix this.

  10. Ana Retamal
    • changed status to open

    Re-opened as this feature was newly requested by another user.

    Last comment from Atlassian was in 2012, are there any updates or plans to change this?



    Thanks Ana! Just migrated all my repos to Bitbucket only to find my developers complaining that things don't work out of the box and they have to rename the repo after it is cloned. A very minor but, as others have said, annoying thing. And something that I have to keep answering questions about (developers, as it turns out, don't always read documentation).

  12. David Backstein

    Please add case sensitive repos. I totally agree with Hong: "it is just inconsistent or controversial to file name conventions promoted by almost all modern OSes"

    What is the point of forcing the user to have lowercase repo names? Sure, I can check out the repo using any uppercase and lowercase version of my repo name. Perfect to maximize the confusion among your employees when you switch to a serious GIT hosting company . . . nothing will work if any upper/lowercase version is allowed and each user can choose by random how he writes it.

  13. AnumSheraz

    i was facing same issue, but seems like changing the url did the trick. My original repo name was FlaskApp and the url I got from bitBucket was git clone And I pasted it in my terminal as git clone , which worked Perfect !

  14. Mike Surcouf

    Just discovered this my self. Killed some dependencies when I cloned a few projects. Not sure why Bitbucket is renaming my repos. Very annoying.

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