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Issue #4374 open

Repository Name is case insensitive

Gianluca Padovani
created an issue

I imported a git repository called "MyRepo" but in bitbucket is named "myrepo" so when I deploy my application on linux machine the directory is called "myrepo" not "MyRepo".

Comments (20)

  1. Gianluca Padovani reporter

    (Reply via gpad...@gmail.com):

    I don't try with hg repo but I suppose you are correct. The problem is that in my deployment script, I use capistrano, my application is called in case sensitive name (MyRepo), so when the repo is cloned the command doesn't work.

    2012/7/25 Denis Ryleev <issues-reply@bitbucket.org>:

  2. Gianluca Padovani reporter

    (Reply via gpad...@gmail.com):

    Probably in this way will work If you have a new deployment. I have already a deployment active in a directory called "MyRepo" so I should rename it in myrepo, change some path in Apache configuration, etc ...

    Probably I'll do it because I want use bitbucket instead of my private repo. I hope that Bitbucket will be case sensitive in the future ... :-)

    thank you Gianluca

    2012/7/25 Denis R <issues-reply@bitbucket.org>:

  3. Hong-Yi Dai

    But the question is "Is this a good design?". You should give the user the freedom to name her repository as she likes, rather than default the name she has chosen to whatever you prefer. This is not only a concern of inconvenience, it is just inconsistent or controversial to file name conventions promoted by almost all modern OSes.

  4. Jerry Tromp

    Especially annoying when you just moved 60 projects from GitHub to BitBucket, where as on GitHub case sensitive reposlugs are actually allowed. Shame this is not considered something to be fixed.

  5. ozgurm NA

    xCode ise case sensitive so when i fix my file name and i couldnt commit it, i figured out like this, change file name and commit, after that fix the name and commit with push,

    but still meanless why dont you fix this.

  6. csklu@cesiumsolutions.com

    Thanks Ana! Just migrated all my repos to Bitbucket only to find my developers complaining that things don't work out of the box and they have to rename the repo after it is cloned. A very minor but, as others have said, annoying thing. And something that I have to keep answering questions about (developers, as it turns out, don't always read documentation).

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