API/Feed for issue trackers (BB-47)

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Steve Losh created an issue

Maybe this exists and I completely missed it, but is it possible to get something like a JSON or XML REST API or even an RSS feed for a specific issue tracker?

I'd like to write an app that will pull open issues assigned to me in a given issue tracker and push them into a task list on rememberthemilk.com.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open

    There is an API in the works, it's about.. 60% done. I haven't had time to complete it yet, but hopefully I'll get some more time soon.

    If you want, we can probably knit up an RSS/Atom feed until then.

  2. Steve Losh reporter

    That could work... a JSON-based API would definitely be easier to work with.

    What about the "Services" section? Can Services only work with commits or can they do things on issue add/delete/modification as well?

  3. Andy Mikhaylenko
    • changed component to api

    Jesper, could you please clarify the current status of the API? I need to synchronize issues with my local organizer.

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