Bring back editing while commenting (BB-4980)

Issue #4380 resolved
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

With the most recent UI refresh of the issue tracker, it is no longer possible to comment and edit the issue attributes at the same time. There should again be a way to edit these details and provide a comment at the same time.

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  1. Teo Klestrup Röijezon

    If I click the edit button then I can see a comment field (the second "big" textarea one). Still can't combine changing the status/"workflow" while editing or commenting. Also, wouldn't it make sense to have it automatically set the comment to the current "view issue"-mode comment?

  2. bsjut

    Not really resolved in my view, I agree with dontcare4free.

    At the moment it needs three clicks to 1) open the issue with the "Edit" button 2) write a comment and change attribute, click save 3) change workflow status separately from the dropdown (why is the status not an issue attribute and can be changed in edit mode?

    It would be much more straamlined, if all issues would open in "edit mode" and the change workflow stati would be an issue attribute that could be also edited in the same flow. From 3 clicks down to one "submit changes" click....

  3. jalal

    additionally, when viewing an issue, it is easy to type a report in the comment box and then click the Resolve button, which sets the issue to resolve but also loses all the text in the comment box. I've been bitten by this bug a few times.

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