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Issue #4381 closed

REST API: No indication of username on "start_follow_user" (BB-5012)

created an issue

There's no way to tell whom I am now following:

{ "node": null, "description": null, "repository": null, "created_on": "2012-06-01 07:11:41", "user": { "username": "thedillonb", "first_name": "Dillon", "last_name": "", "is_team": false, "avatar": "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/5ce4051edf2dd7a41c0d9f438f869b1a?d=identicon&s=32", "resource_uri": "/1.0/users/thedillonb" }, "utc_created_on": "2012-06-01 05:11:41+00:00", "event": "start_follow_user" },

Please add the field to indicate the missing information.

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