Issue creators should be able to edit their opened issues (BB-5311)

Issue #4386 resolved
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Issue creators should be able to edit the issue they have opened.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann

    I think if one has the permission to create an issue, one should also have the permission to edit title/text of an issue.

    Whether only the original poster of the issue or everybody shall be able to do that might need some more thinking/discussion, but the current state of how this is dealt with is bad. E.g. someone posts an issue and it has typos, bad markup, misses markup, etc. - he can't fix it afterwards.

  2. Vladimir Protasov

    I needed the feature about 10 minutes ago, so my plus one.

    By the way, check out popular CRM systems for freelance teams: most of them have MUCH BETTER issue trackers than bitbucket.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Thank you everyone for your input on this issue. We will take this into account and discuss possible solutions on a future update.

    @vladimir -- The bitbucket issue tracker is meant to be very lightweight. We also offer JIRA, a full featured issue/project tracker with integration to Bitbucket. You can find out more information about it at

  4. Vladimir Protasov

    @Marcus Bertrand — Features is not a point. Usability is.

    Being lightweight doesn't mean to be lacking important features and small bonuses which makes issue tracker simpler and more usable.

    Now about JIRA. It's awesome product, but it's too complicated for small teams working on couple of projects.

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