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Issue #4386 resolved

Issue creators should be able to edit their opened issues (BB-5311)

created an issue

Issue creators should be able to edit the issue they have opened.

Comments (18)

  1. Thomas Waldmann

    I think if one has the permission to create an issue, one should also have the permission to edit title/text of an issue.

    Whether only the original poster of the issue or everybody shall be able to do that might need some more thinking/discussion, but the current state of how this is dealt with is bad. E.g. someone posts an issue and it has typos, bad markup, misses markup, etc. - he can't fix it afterwards.

  2. Vladimir Protasov

    I needed the feature about 10 minutes ago, so my plus one.

    By the way, check out popular CRM systems for freelance teams: most of them have MUCH BETTER issue trackers than bitbucket.

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