Bitbucket timing out consistently (BB-4985)

Issue #4389 resolved
Four Story Creative
created an issue

Hello Bitbucket team,

We've been having a major issue since we converted our account to a team account that we hadn't had before. It is consistently timing out on us when we go to push up our changesets. Some of our projects contain large files and this issue is crippling to us. We would use ssh which seams to work a bit better, but our office is mostly non technical people (artists), so even just setting this up is not really much of an option for us.

Is there a way we can set this up so https doesn't time out after a few minutes, maybe like an hour or two?

Thanks, Four Story Creative

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This issue is likely to happen only with very large repositories. We are working to reduce the likelihood of this happening, but adjusting the timeout isn't the answer. For the time being, SSH will be the best and most reliable option while we work through this.

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