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Issue #4390 open

Ability to apply a deploy key to multiple repos at once (BB-4986)

Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

There should be a way to apply a deploy key to many repos at one time.

Comments (35)

  1. sean head

    I was just trying to figure out this exact issue. Larger projects with subrepos really amplify this issue as well.

    It would actually be quite nice if the deploy key interface worked like the user interface letting me create groups and each group has keys in it etc. Alternately letting a group admin create deployment "users" that can be added to the regular user groups would also work fine.

  2. Peter Earle

    I'm currently setting up our QA & production servers to use deployment keys for each of our several code repositories. This feature would be awesome right about now.

  3. alexandrel_sgi

    I'd like a fix for this since multiple projects can be deployed on the same server, but we cannot use the same deployement key... it's a pain in the a**!

    But again it's a wonderfull feature that would be too good for us, so Atlassian are stalling again! Days like today I regret moving to bitbucket!

  4. Premesh Purayil

    Update: I believe this is already working . I just upgraded my plan from the free 5 person plan to 10 and now on my manage team page i see an option to set an SSH Key. I remove the one i set on all my individual repos , moved it to here and everything seems to work fine! Strange that this ticket would stay open for 3 years ...bitbucket.PNG

  5. Simon Jackson

    There is, but it requires setting up an associated account as a deployment entity, and giving it keys. If you use the same email when setting up the account, it does notice it's you.

  6. danny@canara.com

    This is pretty bad. The only solution is to add it to the company SSH key section - which means you can't restrict certain servers to certain repos.

    So either I do a global read/write access (bad).

    Or I have to go to each individual repo and add deployment keys.

    Gitlab does this way better - just have a "Manage Deployment Keys" page where you can paste keys and choose which repos it has "Read" access to.

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