Should be able to claim email addresses, if you have several (BB-499)

Issue #44 resolved
Jesper Noehr
created an issue

Combined with verification email, this should work OK.

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  1. Jesper Noehr reporter

    Not all commits have email addresses associated with them, does anyone have any feedback on how we can expand this functionality to support raw 'names' and stuff like that? The verification process being the problem, obviously. With email it's easy, just send a confirmation link.

  2. Sebastian Schwarz

    Maybe you don't have to deliver a perfect solution right away. Simply matching for multiple complete mail addresses probably addresses most of the problems. With a lower priority raw name matching can be done. This second step is probably rather difficult. But it doesn't block the first one from being reasonable and easily implementable on its own.

    Thus I suggest you just implement mail address matching and wait whether someone wonders and complains if just his name is not matched to his profile. This issue was originally only about mail addresses after all. I guess users could understand if have you no (good) solution for associating plain names.

  3. Matt Chaput

    Don't know if this is a related issue, but I pushed some changes using Mercurial Eclipse to my repository on BB. I accidentally hadn't set up my username in ME, so it was using my name on this machine ("matt"), not my email. So all my changes are now showing up on BB associated with whoever "matt" is on BB. This seems totally wrong... I would think that BB would associate by email ONLY, and not try to associate raw usernames, because situations like this can easily happen. My CDN$0.02.

  4. Benoit Chesneau

    I think my problem is related too I use different email adress depending of the project and they aren't related to my bitbucket account so avatar displayed in commits logs is wrong. Having a way to match email in commit log to the coommit avatar would be good. I think that you receive in the changeset the var "User" that often contains email so matching <username@domain.tld> or username@domain.tld should be possible.

  5. Sylvain Rouquette


    My gravatar is displayed in the top right corner of the screen (edit: and it's seems to work here aswell), so it isn't a problem with my email, but when I edit the wiki, it isn't displayed.

    The project is private, but my friend edited the wiki and it shows its gravatar...

  6. Per Cederberg

    Even if the commit cannot safely be associated with an actual user, it would be nice to at least try to show the Gravatar icon for that email address. That would help when accepting project patches from people without an account here at

    For what it's worth, I think that is how it works over at GitHub...

  7. Ludovic Bellière

    Just let the projetcs owners deal with the 'username and email missing' commiters. Allow them to link those commiters to an existing account.

    Personnaly i commit without email adresses to avoid spam...

  8. Steve Losh

    I'd love to see this even more now that I'm routinely using personal and work email addresses. I'd like both to be linked to my BB account.

    If someone commits without an email address given then it shouldn't get linked. It's their own fault. They can create a throwaway account somewhere if they're concerned about spam but still want their commits linked to their username.

  9. Alessio Caiazza

    Redmine matches users based on email, but if it didn't know an user it allows you to assign it with any of the project members.

    This settings is a project option, maybe we can safetly assume that forked project will inherit this setting.

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