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Issue #4400 wontfix

New "edit issue" interface is unwieldy (BB-5002)

Aryeh Leib Taurog
created an issue

=== To reproduce the bug:

View an issue

Scroll to bottom

Type a long comment

Reassign or close issue, or maybe change the priority...

... whoops! you can't do that now!

When viewing an issue, I can comment on it or attach a file immediately, but what if I want to change the title, assignee, type, priority, or component? Oh, wait, I think I see. I have to click "edit issue," at the very top? And then I can also comment on it there... but I can ONLY see the original title and description, and NOT any of the subsequent comments, including the comment I just made?!

Is this also a "fix" for something which confused people? I admit, all those radio buttons were confusing. The new set of drop-downs makes more sense--except the status drop-down--but I would suggest just put those drop-downs there from the get-go for anyone who has rights to edit the issue, without making the user click "Edit Issue" and hiding all the comments.

Regarding the status drop-down, I think "reopen" and "resolve" are confusing as separate buttons. It would make a lot more sense to just put "open" and "resolved" in the drop-down. I also don't think "workflow" is a good substitute for "status," which is the correct name for the field. I recommend making "Status" an additional drop-down, like the other items, to the side of every issue, and allow the commenter to change them directly and submit them with the comment as described above.