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Tim van der Linden created an issue


We are about to import more then 200 externally hosted GIT repos into our BitBucket team account. There is only one thing that concerns us: the overview.

Currently we have no way of grouping repositories together. The frontpage overview just lists all our repos, meshed together. This makes it almost impossible for us to cleanly distinguish between our different projects.

Eg.: We maintain our own Drupal tree together with all submodules. This should be tagged as Drupal and we should be able to filter them.

Is there any outlook on implementing a better overview of repositories?

Kind regards, Tim van der Linden

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  1. Justen Stepka

    Hi Tim,

    We're aware of the overflowing dashboard when using a large number of repos.

    We've developed a control that we're testing now and will roll out the update to the dashboard soon as it's available.

    If you can wait just a bit longer we'll have a interim solution in place until we develop a totally new dashboard.

    Cheers, Justen.

  2. Tim van der Linden reporter

    (Reply via

    Hey Justin

    Thank you for the reply.

    That is promising, but do you have a time frame for deploying the new interm feature? If it speeds things up, we would also like to beta test it ;)

    Cheers Tim

    On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 6:08 PM, Justen Stepka <>wrote:

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    While we don't have an exact timeframe, I can tell you that is will be very soon once it has passed testing.

  4. Evan Barter

    Looks like this just landed and it's going to be super useful for me, so thanks.

    I'm just questioning the point of the landing page when you click the "Repositories" link in the top navigation. Surely the extra information provided on this screen (i.e. # of commits, private repo status, etc) could be folded in to the the new repository list on the Dashboard and this page could go the way of the dodo? That's not to say the Repositories dropdown should go away, but that could be attached to either Explore or Dashboard without being out of place IMO.

    Just my 0.02.

  5. Tim van der Linden reporter

    Hey Justin

    Thanks for rolling out this new interim feature. I think, for the time being, this is indeed enough for us to import all of our external repos.

    Im looking forward to the newly designed dashboard!

    If we, as CaseBuilders can help in anyway, let us know!

    Kind regards, Tim

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