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Keep getting conq: invalid command syntax fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly When trying git push -u origin master from windows git bash

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  1. code0100fun

    I'm having this problem on OS X.

    This is the 3rd post with this problem: 2012-06-17, 2012-07-31, 2012-08-31

    I'm sure it's a simple mistake and we'll all feel dumb for having asked, but an answer the first time would probably have prevented the duplicated work.

    @Marcus Bertrand - telling everyone to email and setting the issue as "invalid" will not solve the problem for the next person. I realize that may be the more appropriate place to post this question but the site does not seem to be indexed by google very well as a search like "answers atlassian bitbucket conq: invalid command syntax" only yields the 3 links I listed.

    The problem seems to be on bitbuckets side, and had something to do with the ssh server. The quickest solution is to switch to HTTPS:

    git remote set-url origin https://<username><username>/<repository>.git

    You will have to enter your password each time, but it will let you get back to work.

  2. Stu Campbell

    I can't believe they refuse to fix this issue!

    UPDATE! When I removed the following config entry, I was able to push over SSH. [remote "origin"] receivepack = git receive-pack

  3. Dale King

    I had same error. Mine was caused by invalid remote URL. I added the remote using SourceTree (this was an initial push) by copying from bit bucket instructions. What got put in the config file was the URL twice with \n after each. So in my case was a SourceTree bug

  4. jona paulus

    i managed to solve this by changing the following in the myRepo/.git/config file:

    url = to url =[remote "origin"]

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