Issue #4417 wontfix

Make the source hightlight darker and bigger (BB-5083)

Yeuk Hon Wong
created an issue

The font is way too small. The color is too bright. Please don't use light grey. It forces me to read the raw version.


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  1. James Nash

    The wiki is conveniently located with our code, but we cannot use it because the font is too light. By default it should be black or dark gray. Dylan won't fix this bug and that is a shame. "we will decide exactly how we want to present it" is pretty arrogant. How about "we will make it useful for everyone", instead. It means that we have to find another wiki environment.

  2. Carlos Alberto da Costa Filho

    The UI refresh came and went, but the code part looks almost exactly the same. The font looks very tiny on a high resolution monitor, and the fonts are barely distiguishable from the background. The rest of the changes were very nice, but it seems the source display didn't get much of an overhaul.

  3. Yeuk Hon Wong reporter

    I guess it also depends on the monitor settings? I recently went with a school monitor in my research lab and the code part was all dark just like the comments here. But on my laptop or home computers they weren't. Any how, please consider this as a big thing to do. I don't think this is a difficult task. The color should be darker and the font size should be a big larger for code.

    Thanks, bitbucket team.

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