Add an option to allow the original owner of a repository admin access to all forks. (BB-5088)

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Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

When a private repository is forked and the user removes inheriting access management I only be notified when a fork is made, but I don't have access. As an team owner I would like to know which of my team members did fork a repository and always have access to it.

I would suggest for private repositories:

  • The (root) owner of a repository stays admin of the forked repository. Even if the checkbox to inherit is unchecked.

This may be different to public repositories

Also if I check No Public Forks, this should also be enabled on the forks (without the option to enable public forks)

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    I am afraid that if a user does not want to inherit permissions we can not force an admin user on them.

    This is sometimes done so the user can stay within their plan limits.



  2. Ryan Schumacher

    When it comes to teams (read companies) the issue with the users plan limit does not seem like a bug labeled as feature. Firstly in any company structure the burden of plan limits should fall upon the company and not individuals but more than that the organization of any company is typically authoritarian and top down which means management should be able to view all employees work. This is very difficult to achieve with bitbucket without an ungodly expense and would make the competition a better solution.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff reporter

    Ryan, we've recommended people to fork into the team account which provides exactly for the situation you are describing without any additional cost. This issue is for ensuring that admins of a team retain ownership of the repositories that are forked outside of the main account.

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