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Dear all,

Please try to do the following

1.) log in to using the "log in"-button using the browser Epiphany. I used the version 2.30.6. Then close the browser window without logging out.

2.) Log in to using the "log in"-button using Firefox 14.0.1 and then log out using the "Log out"-button in the drop-down list for your username.

3.) Open Epiphany again and begin typing in . It should offer you an autocomplition for this. Accept the offer and load the site.

When I did this, I landed on my dashboard again. Why is that? By "logging in" using Firefox and logging out, I should have invalidated the cookies, I used during my "log in" using Epiphany. Therefore Epiphany should have taken me to the log in-site.

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  1. jcache_dev reporter

    I was also able to navigate in my dashboard, even to the parts, I didn't visit before closing Epiphany's browser window. So it's out of the question that Epiphany stored the site in its cache and I navigated the browser cache.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As you indicated above, you didn't log out of Epiphany. Epiphany and Firefox have a different cache and cookies. Additionally, you are allowed to be logged in our out of many browsers at any given time. If you want to revoke where you are logged in at any given time, check out the link at the bottom of any Bitbucket page labeled xx active session(s). I've also attached a screenshot of where you can find this.

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