Compare fork displaying outgoing for both incoming and outgoing

Issue #4450 resolved
Chris Rahauiser
created an issue

After the interface change, when I click on the compare link, both the outgoing and incoming tab displays outgoing changes. My team has recently started learning Mercurial and BitBucket, and they use the incoming tab to determine if they need to pull down the latest copy of code. They then copy the hg commands displayed. I'm afraid they are going to think they are up to date, and start creating merge conflicts between each other.

I have tried this on multiple repositories, and have the same issue with each one.

Thank you.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    With our recent update we started doing more permission checking of the compare view and pull requests, but it looks like the permission check is wrong and it's excluding parent repos in some cases. I'll have a fix out shortly.

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