The new Dashboard page design is worse than the previous one

Issue #4457 wontfix
Stephane Sudre
created an issue

Considering that: - we have plenty of repositories. - that the list of repositories is now relatively tiny.

the new design is a regression as it does not allow us to see as many repositories as before.

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  1. Don Williamson

    The lack of a summary on each repository is also a loss. If you've taken it offline while you build infrastructure for a better implementation then that is good. If it's just to save bandwidth, however, I'm a sad panda :(

  2. Dylan Etkin


    The idea behind the new repository filter is to allow you to quickly get to the repositories you want to find.

    You may not be able to see them all on the page but the search should allow you to slim your list very quickly (you can search by owner/reponame).

    The other thing that you can now do is make sure your list of favorited repos is what you would like it to be and just use that tab.

    We are considering adding back some indicator of the repo being private/public and adding a shortcut key to quickly focus the search box.

    The truncated repo list will however stay.

    Thanks for your feedback, cheers,


  3. Stephane Sudre reporter

    So basically this means that on a 30" screen, when you have over 10 repositories, you are not entitled to see more than 10 repositories in the list at the same time but you are entitled to see half of the page to be blank.


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