SSH key corrupted, re-uploading resolves

Issue #4459 resolved
Will Berry created an issue

Yesterday I found that my SSH public key was suddenly rejected. I had not changed it myself. Upon logging in and looking at my public key in my account, I found that the text " None" occurred after the end of it. Other than that it still matched my actual public key as far as I could tell.

Removing this text and saving did not fix the rejection, but deleting the key entirely and entering it again (the same key) did fix it. I can perform git operations as before, and I did not have to create a new keypair to restore functionality.

This may happen to other users so I thought I would report it. I did find two other similar user reports through Google searching.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    It looks like this was introduced a few days ago when we made some changes to our SSH key authentication infrastructure. A small set of users (your account included) got a whitespace character added to their key string, making it unusable.

    Since you raised this issue, we were able to locate the problem and fixed this up for all affected accounts, so thanks heaps for reporting.

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