Create an issue from a commit message (BB-5107)

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I would like to create a new issue from a commit message.
Commit that will contain something like:

TODO: fix language translation

should open a new issue - link this commit to it, and place in its name that line.
This issue should be created by the commiting user

an enhanced syntax could be:

TODO - fix translation for urdu

this could also give an assignee to that new issue

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  1. Neville Dipale

    Hi everyone

    Any update on this? I think it's something that not many people would use, but it does have its case uses. For example I sometimes commit an update which contains a feature that's not complete, or that can be enhanced, creating the issue as part of the commit would be convenient.

    There should probably be some optional additional detail that can be added, like issue type, priority level, whom it's assigned to etc

  2. Lee Elenbaas

    I find that in large teams - it is quite often for one developer to start work on a task, and then want to move the work to another
    perhaps my offered syntax should not be for bitbucket issues but to the jira dvcs connector - and then this todo should open a sub-task under the issue this commit is linked too

  3. Constantino Samuel Alarcon Mery

    I would like create an new issue from a external services or event (c++ ,bash program or webapp), for example: I want create a TAG for upload to UAT env, for example, 20140926-sprint-01-webproject , and send an command for create an issue for request upload "TAG" in uat. Next step, the operator put TAG name in jenkins job (parameter) and deploy in tomcat, and put issue number in jenkins for close issue in bitbucket ... it's my idea, but can not create issue, only update and only commit message.

    My target is: the developer must not use git commands for "tag" partial parts of projects, and use bitbucket issue tracker only for comunicate to team the status of issue.

    Rest services

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