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More information needed on Account > Plans & Billing page (BB-5108)

Adam Luikart
created an issue

A moment ago, it looked as though one of my organization's groups (thirteen23:developers) was shadowed on my personal account (adamesque:developers), pushing me over my personal plan contributors limit (our organization just added a 6th contributor).

Under "Access via groups", I saw these six people linked in via this adamesque:developers group, but in the Groups section of my account page, this group was not listed.

Turns out, I'd granted the thirteen23:developers group access to one of my private personal repos, and needed to revoke access there, but this information wasn't available on the Plans & Billing page, and caused a lot of confusion until I realized what was going on.

It'd be nice if the "Access via groups" section could also say which repository access was granted through.

Thanks, Adam

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  1. Alan Ivey

    I would like to add that I would also like additional information of groups. In our scenario, we have a few groups of people that have no permissions by default and I've added write access on a handful of projects. Problem is that I have no way of knowing which of our repositories I have granted access to each team; I can only view repositories granted access to individuals, not groups.

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