User based notifications (BB-5119)

Issue #4480 duplicate
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

When notifying users, provide an option to allow the user to choose which types of notifications should be directed to which address. For example, all notifications about a team should only go to a users "work" email while personal repository notifications should go to a "personal" designated email.

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  1. Charles LeDoux

    I'd also like to see a much finer grained control over the types of notifications that get sent. Currently the only two options that seem available are "spam my inbox" and "never talk to me."

  2. Kimo Rosenbaum

    This issue was marked as duplicate of #4213 but #4213 doesn't address the original issue stated here. While more control over the types of notifications is a good thing, this issue is about routing of notifications. Specifically any notifications relating to a team should be sent to the email address associated with that team.

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