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Ian Hinder
created an issue

I would like there to be an option for users to elect to receive email notifications of commits to repositories they are following. I am aware of the following methods for receiving this information, but they all have shortcomings:

  1. Subscription to RSS feeds. My colleagues are used to email, and know how to filter it etc. Also, it is good to have commit messages in a central location, and the email client is the location of choice for many people. The Mac OS Mail RSS client is not very reliable, for example.

  2. Setting up a service to post to one or more email addresses. The list of addresses either has to be maintained by the administrator, which causes additional work, or users have to join some external email list (e.g. a Google group), which also needs to be set up separately.

I would like a solution which can be managed by the end-user. It seems like an option to receive email notifications for commits to all (or some) followed repositories would be the best. This would be similar to how issue notifications work.

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  1. John Wilson

    This is an important issue for me as well.

    I see how the RSS feed works, but I'm wondering about option #2 given above - where do I enter the "group email address" in order to receive commit notification emails?

  2. David Folch

    I just got this to work using "if this then that." Someone else set up an example that will send an email each time the RSS feed is updated ( Hint: start with the example, since the default ifttt RSS recipe is not compatible with bitbucket. Also, you can set this recipe to point to any email address, not just gmail.

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