rejecting a pull request does not work (BB-5156)

Issue #4519 resolved
Thomas Waldmann created an issue

you get the dialogue querying for the reason and when you submit it, it just sits there, showing some round "progress indicator" in the submit button and nothing happens (never finishes).

in case it matters, the changesets originally included in that pull request were deleted.

It is this, i can't get rid of it:

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Thomas

    There was a bug in our code that updated the status of open pull requests when changesets are stripped that left some pull requests with corrupt data. I've deployed a fix that prevents the bad data, but I'll have to manually clean up affected pull requests.

    I've cleaned up the one you linked to; can you try rejecting it to see if it now works?



  2. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    i could now reject all pending pull requests (which were all outdated).

    thanks for fixing!

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