detection / auto-removal of merged pull requests is broken (BB-5156)

Issue #4520 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

both #79 and #77 were already merged (on my laptop) and then pushed to this bitbucket repo, but they don't go away automatically from the pull request list as it used to be until recently.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Thomas

    I suspect the cause of #4519 may have also prevented automatic detection of manually merging a pull request.

    A quick test on my end shows that detecting a manual merge is picked up.

    Would you be able to check the status of all the (open) pull requests in your repository and let me know if they're all working?

    And perhaps you could try a manual merge again.



  2. Thomas Waldmann reporter

    hmm, not sure if it works now.

    while rejecting all those outdated pull requests, after i rejected the first one, there suddenly was only one left (I have seen 4 or 5 before). So it looked a bit like touching one of them auto-removed some more of them.

  3. Martijn Thé

    I just merged a branch offline/locally for which there was a PR on bitbucket in my (private) repo. After pushing the changes back to bitbucket, the PR was still there.

    What went wrong?

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