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Issue #4529 wontfix

Escape key cancelling comment

Nik Martin
created an issue

Currently when writing a comment the escape key cancels the entry. I can definitely see the logic for this, but as a ViM user I have accidentally cancelled so many long and time-consuming comments through natural muscle memory reflex, leading to quite a bit of shouting. I'm certain there are other ViM users out there that have suffered the same fate.

Would removing the escape key -> cancel comment mapping be something you'd consider? Please don't let any prejudice against ViM cloud your judgement.

Many thanks,


Comments (3)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Nik,

    There is no prejudice against Vim around here, its our goto editor on servers and a few devs on Bitbucket even prefer it as their default editor.

    However I believe that ESC to dismiss dialogs and pop-opens are pretty standard on the web. I think we would have more people confused if it did not work that way.

    I hope you understand and I am sorry for your frustrations, cheers,


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