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Issue #4533 closed

Cannot add more than 13 email addresses to the Email service for commit notifications (BB-5160)

Ian Hinder
created an issue

When I try to add a list of email addresses with more than 13 addresses to the Email or Email Diff service for commit notifications, the web page hangs with the Save button reading "Saving...". A list with 12 addresses works.

Comments (5)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Ian,

    That is certainly a bug.

    I believe the work-around for now is to add multiple email services each with a smaller amount of emails specified.



  2. Zachary Davis

    As a note, we released a feature today that allows individual Bitbucket users to subscribe to commits for a repository, so hopefully that reduces the need to have a large number of emails in the Email service. Commit diffs are still only available through the Email Diff service.

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