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dezarrolla NA
created an issue

Hello i dont know if i'm doing this wrong, but, i have two bitbucket accounts: 1. from my work (company) to host our code here. sometimes i use my pc at home to do some work. 2. my personal account, with my own code.

now, i'm trying to add the ssh-key from my MBA to one of these accounts but it says "someone is already using this ssh-key"

so, i cannot give permissons to my pc in two differents accounts??

Thanks, and sorry my bad english.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi dezarrolla,

    You are correct, you can not have a single SSH Key associated with more than one account.

    This is so that we can uniquely identify the user based on the SSH Key.

    We suggest you generate one key for home and one key for work (your OS will allow you to have as many keys as you like) and then just associate those keys with your accounts.

    I hope this helps, cheers,


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