Ability to remove yourself from repositories, inactive repos, and repo dropdown sorting (BB-138)

Issue #454 open
Thomas Johansson
created an issue

(Based on convo from IRC with jespern)

You should be able to remove yourself from a repositories' access list if you are not the owner. Currently, if you're on any active repos, it's very easy to build up an absolutely huge list of forks, including ones that are already done and won't get touched again.

In addition, the ability to mark a project inactive would be very useful; This would remove it from the repo dropdown, and maybe prevent anybody from pushing to the repo until it is marked active again.

Finally, the repo dropdown should be sorted by something like "following, username asc, reponame asc".

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  1. Kas Lewis

    This is annoying, you ask to be removed but since no one is watching the repo you never get removed from the list. Can't we just remove ourselves with out having to ask...

  2. Anonymous

    Yes! I have repositories that I cannot remove my self from! There needs to be a way to remove your self without someone's permission!!

  3. Jos Fabre

    There is no revoke. Furthermore, I still have team login and even there not possible to remove my personal account from repo's I used to work on. If you work for different companies, you're building a huge list of repos quickly. And you'll see all updates of projects you're not even working on anymore

  4. Mateus CB

    this needs to be reopened, or a new issue created. I'm still not able to remove myself. The repo was created by someone else, who no longer checks or manages the repo in question. Please add a way to delete it from my repo list.

  5. Alexandre Blondin Massé

    I agree that this is not completely solved. Sometimes, when I revoke, it directly works, other times, I have to send an email to someone that will never answer, and there is actually also one repository someone else added me to that does not display the 'revoke' link.

  6. Bennett Barouch

    Not resolved. As noted by others, if someone adds me to one of their repositories, I can't get it off my list. In my case, the other person has "disappeared". I don't want this dead repo in my list for eternity.

  7. Mikel Moreno

    @Matthew Carlin I mentioned this because I got to this thread looking for a solution. While I do agree it needs to be more intuitive, I was able to remove myself from an old repository by going to Access management and clicking the x next to my name. A dialog popped up warning I would revoke my own access, but after confirming, I was removed from the repo.

  8. Jose Marino

    I faced this issue recently and they way I resolve it was by revoking then leaving the team. I am not really sure which one worked, but I did those two things and the repo is gone after refreshing the browser. So, do not want to see that repo anymore?

    1. Revoke
    2. Leave the team.


  9. vaxquis NA

    @Jose Marino it's leaving the team; leave the team, logout, login, the team repos are gone.

    This still doesn't fix the issue as there is currently no way to leave repos a) that ain't shared based on team access rights, b) without leaving the team.

  10. tpiha

    It's not resolved, you can't remove repos that have you as a collaborator.

    Edit: it works when you revoke, you just need to log out and log back in.

  11. Daniel Bennett staff


    I think I need more clarification here. There are a couple of different scenarios that I think I'm seeing here:

    1. I have no idea how to remove my access from a repository (we don't make it easy to find)
    2. I have no idea how to leave a team
    3. I have been fully removed from the repo+team but I'm still getting notifications
    4. I have to log out and back in to see permission changes take effect.
    5. Other

    Also, note that all repositories belonging to your teams will always show up on the dashboard under "All" and "Teams" -- that is by design. If that's the concern we can call that one option 6.


    Dan Bennett, Bitbucket Development Manager

  12. Maxim Novikov

    @Daniel Bennett

    You have been added to the project. Then you decide to leave it. There is the "revoke" or something link that you can use. However, in some circumstances (I am not sure if it happens when you are part of that project's team or not part of the team), BB tells you that you cannot leave the project and its owner/admin has to accept your request to leave. If the project is abandoned and you have no idea how to reach out to its admin directly using other means, you are getting a project member forever and have no options to leave it (as your request will never be accepted).

    This ticket is about providing the opportunity to leave any project at your own will at any time. As otherwise you can easily get a lots of dead projects in your dashboard which you are not interested in and don't want to see at all.

  13. Daniel Bennett staff

    @Maxim Novikov the only restriction that I know of is if you are the last administrator for a team then you cannot leave the team without supplying another admin or deleting the team. But that is for a team, not a repository.

    That's not to say there isn't some dark code path that I do no know of in there that does the same thing at the repo level. If you (or someone else watching) can reproduce the inability to leave a repository with such a message I'll be able to search for it.

  14. karamcnair

    My personal account was added to the team of a company I work for. I didn't want my personal account added to that team & its repos so I created a distinct account to use for that, under their company/team.

    The repos my personal account were added to are visible from my personal account and there is no way for me to 'detach' from them, as far as I can see. That's the same scenario everyone else is describing, from what I can see. I'm not an admin. I don't want my account to belong to that team or see its repos.

    How do I have my account leave a team and/or leave the associated repos belonging to that team? There seems to be no way to do that.


  15. Daniel Bennett staff

    On the team's profile there is a "leave" option that members should be able to invoke.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 7.41.21 PM.png

    Does the leave team option not appear?

    Following that, removal from individual repositories may still be required if groups were not used by the team. Self-revoking an individual repo is immediate but your dashboard list may be cached for a few seconds. In my test just now it took about 25s for the repo to disappear.

  16. Maxim Novikov

    That might be the problem. I would have never thought of going to a team's profile and look for this button. I expect to have "revoke" link for the repository. Because what we actually want is to leave the repository, not the team. I don't even know really if I was added through a team or as a direct member (and to be honest I don't think I need to know).

  17. Maxim Novikov

    Another thing is that depending on which rights you have, you see different stuff in the project's overview page. If you have "read" rights, there is "revoke" link there. If you got "write" rights, you can perform something there and there is no "revoke" link. And as you are not part of a team, you can't leave it.

    So, when you have "write" access to a repo having been added there directly not as a team member, you neither can leave the repo, nor the team.

  18. Maxim Novikov

    READ access

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.23.40 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.23.56 PM.png

    WRITE access

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.24.10 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.24.19 PM.png

  19. Daniel Bennett staff

    @Maxim Novikov Ah, the "Blank slates!" Most of the controls are gone. If the repository had content you would be able to remove yourself.


    I'll wait a bit but potentially see three things to look into:

    1. Issues:
      1. The repository header with the revoke link is missing from blank repo page
      2. As a participant, I cannot see how I've been associated with a repository (maybe not useful)
      3. If I've been given access to a repository through group membership, the revoke link triggers a notification composition without informing you that you can also simply leave the team.
    2. Original potential problems list from above:
      1. I have no idea how to remove my access from a repository (we don't make it easy to find)
      2. I have no idea how to leave a team
      3. I have been fully removed from the repo+team but I'm still getting notifications
      4. I have to log out and back in to see permission changes take effect.
      5. Other
    • 1.1 is the same as 2.1 -- i.e., there is no link.
    • 1.2 and 1.3 are similar to 2.2

    Hopefully that's it and there are no instances of 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5.

  20. karamcnair

    Hm. I don't seem to even still be part of the team anymore (when I click on 'Teams', the only option is 'create team' so I don't think I can 'leave team', since I don't seem to belong to any)teams.png

    I would love to be able to go to the link & Leave Team, but I think that's already done for me. Yet the repos remain... :(

  21. Daniel Bennett staff

    @karamcnair if you only have read access the team doesn't appear in that drop-down (for historical reasons). Click directly on the group name for the group that you wish to leave and that should land you on the profile screen.

  22. Matheus Barros

    I tried Pavel's command line solution but i couldn't revoke. It said "You do not have direct access to this repository." And, yes, it's a blank repository so it doesn't have the revoke button

  23. Matheus Barros

    I sent a txt just so i could see the revoke button but then i had to send a message to the admin to revoke myself. I don't understand why someone that isn't the admin have to ask the admin to manually remove him.

  24. Marc Wensauer

    Hi, how do I disable notifications for a project I am no longer invited to ?

    I still get all messages form that repo I am no longer invited to ?! Since I am no longer part, I cant disable the subscriptions in my repo settings


  25. Andrew Syfret

    I have a revoke link on a repo that I have been added to individually. No repro admins are active. The link just emails admins asking them to remove me. This is clearly broken. I should be able to leave repo's unilaterally.

  26. Daniel Bennett staff

    First, for everyone saying "This is a mess!" you are completely correct. It's pretty high up there on our list of debt that needs to be cleaned up -- and we are currently investigating how best to do so.

    Until then...

    How to remove yourself #

    Direct access

    Check the overview page for a revoke link and if there is a link, click it.

    It worked


    It took you to a message box to ask to be removed

    This means that you don't actually have direct access. You have been given access via a group and you do not have sufficient permission to remove the group from that repository. You can leave the team, though (see below).

    This is terrible, we know, however, you're going to want to use this URL pattern to remove yourself:


    Access via a group

    You can't remove yourself from a specific group unless you are an administrator of the team, however you can remove yourself from the entire team. To do so go to the team profile that can be reached from the teams drop-down at the top of the page and select "leave team."

    it worked


    the team that owns the repository isn't in the teams drop-down

    This can happen if you're not a collaborator or higher on a team (see #7891). To get around this go to the team profile directly: https://bitbucket.org/{team-name}.

    I don't want to leave the whole team

    If that's the case you really will want to find a team or repository administrator to help you out.

    I don't know which team to leave

    Make sure to note the team name in the message from the revoke access message that is created from the repository overview page, e.g. from the text "Currently I have access to the {repo-owner}/{repo-name} via the group {team-name}:{group-name}.", {team-name} is the team you want to leave.

    There's no "leave team" option

    If you've gotten here and still cannot leave the repository you should probably contact support.

  27. bumblehead

    Its 2017. I want to remove myself. don't want to generate this url.

    I used my "personal" bitbucket account with professional repos I do not want any association with. Bitbucket does not care about me. I will not use my "personal" account or bitbucket much longer.

  28. Linus Gubenis

    how can i not be associated anymore with a team where i myself am in the administrators team? (there are also 3 more people in the admin team, so there should be no problem leaving the team)

    i cannot find an action to remove myself from the team, please help.

  29. Ciprian Dorin Craciun

    So in the end is there a way to remove myself from repositories (private or public) where I'm not the owner, but where I'm listed in the access list? The https://bitbucket.org/xhr/.../.../revoke URL does not seem to work.

    As many have said, my dashboard repository list is 8 pages long, and thus it's rendered useless... (BTW, the new UI makes this even worse...)

    Thanks, Ciprian.

  30. Keith Peters

    Eight years? 8 years this issue has been open and still no resolution? I still can't remove myself from an old repository for a customer of a former employee. There are children in third grade now who were not born when this issue was created.

  31. Grant Kemp

    @Alastair Wilkes can you ask your support team to add an option to "remove me from a repos" as a contact item so it makes it easier for users - so it can be linked to?

    Also - pls can you update the status of this ticket to need more work - or should we open a new ticket so that it can be added to the BB backlog?

  32. jerod moore

    I feel like we need to open a new ticket for visibility. For a company that is all about quality of product the constant closing of this issue is surprising and shocking.

  33. Alastair Wilkes staff

    For support tickets related to this matter, use the "Technical issues and bugs" option. When filing a support issue, mention this public issue so our dev team can look at your account's configuration before we fix the issue - that way we can understand the specific edge cases better so we can fix them. Thanks.

  34. Craig Stevens

    Returning user here after several years away. Can't believe you can't remove YOURSELF from someone else's repo! I have repos in my list I have absolutely nothing to do with and are just getting in the way of what I'm finding is a pretty horrible UI anyway.

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