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Issue #4541 resolved

free tshirts: please provide valid email

Aaron Attar
created an issue

on the free tshirt submission... i put in all the right information but then it gives me an error with no specifics.... I really want my free tshirt!!

my friends emails are all jct.ac.il as is mine (the one i am signed up with) !!

Comments (9)

  1. Jeff Park

    Hi Aaron,

    Those email addresses should have been valid. And you've tried it again and it still doesn't work? Worst comes to worst, you can send me the information and I can try to input it from my end.


  2. Aaron Attar reporter

    Now it says that those emails were already used. Maybe the error before wasn't real and my submition actually went through? Could you please check?

  3. Jeff Park

    the friends that you referred should receive an email from Bitbucket in the next 24 hours. Thanks Aaron! We will send you a t-shirt in the next few weeks as well :)

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