Commits from forked repo that were merged into the fork appear in the feed as new commits

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Ed Kolis
created an issue

I forked the repo derakon/pyrel, and now I have the fork ekolis/pyrel. I noticed that when I merge in commits from derakon/pyrel to ekolis/pyrel, the merged commits appear in the news feed as "derakon committed to ekolis/pyrel", even though derakon never actually committed to ekolis/pyrel! Shouldn't these commits be filtered out of the news feed?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Ed,

    Derakon did commit to ekolis/pyrel. You merged his changes in and hence his commits are now a part of that repository.

    I believe the behavior is correct but perhaps I am misunderstanding the problem you are describing.

    The reason the newsfeed shows those merged commits is that they are new activity just the same as if you were to make those commits yourself (directly to the repo).



  2. Ed Kolis reporter

    I guess what I'm saying is I don't see the behavior as correct. It seems to me that commits that aren't actually performed by a user of his own accord shouldn't appear in the news feed as actions performed by the user - just seems misleading to me!

    edit: and it could also potentially be abused - imagine that I create a repo and just merge in commits from wherever I want, without regard to what they do to my repo, for the sole purpose of spamming people's feeds with "advertisements" for my repo!

    edit 2: or, worse, I could create a repo with some sort of provocative name (e.g. "alqaedamissileprogram"), and then merge in commits from someone I want to slander, thus associating them with the provocative name!

  3. randuser

    My newsfeed is periodically inundated with previously seen commit messages when someone forks a repo I'm following.

    I would like for this not to happen or be able to turn it off or something. Thanks.

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