content of most admin pages not shown completely (BB-5349)

Issue #4549 resolved
Johan Samyn
created an issue


In the admin section, I noticed that quite some pages are not shown completely. Even when using the scrollbar at the right, the footer immediately moves along, not allowing the lacking page content to appear.
All Admin subpages have this problem, except 'Repository Details', 'Links' and 'Deployment Keys'.

I was able to show most of the content by hiding the header.

I'm working on a laptop with Windows 7 Pro, from the Firefox browser, with display settings for Win set to 125%.


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  1. Johan Samyn reporter

    Hi Marcus,

    Sorry for the late answer. I also tried this with Chrome and IE on a Win7 with 125% setting, and they show the same issue. So it does not seem browser related. The test with the same 3 browsers on a Win7 with 100% setting keeps showing the issue. Hope this helps.


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