Something like a "stuck ghost" repository

Issue #4557 resolved
Kasbolat Kumakhov
created an issue

Greetings. Don't know if this is a bug or I'm just missing some settings, but... I'm a fairly new bitbucket user and also new to version control systems, so I've been toying around with the repositories and update clients. It seems that after some experiments I have somehow managed to delete repository in a way that it didn't completely deleted. Logs doesn't show it's gone (only updates are visible) and at the same time I can't open it, geting the "Repository has been deleted" message. Also I can't create a new repository with the same name. After pressing "Create" button nothing happens. The repository was called "Utils" (the URL: I hope I've described the issue in details. If anything, I'm ready to answer any related questions.


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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    I've deleted it for you. This is a bug with deleting a repository under certain conditions. If you encounter this again, please open a support request to

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