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Issue #4558 closed

Add syntax highlighting for Lasso (BB-5266)

Eric Knibbe
created an issue

Not sure if you use the most recent build of Pygments or just the last release, but highlighting for Lasso was recently added to it, and it'd be great if Lasso syntax highlighting was added to Bitbucket as well.

Comments (12)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I've tested with Pygments 1.6 and I see no difference in the rendering of those files. They still highlight the same way.

    A quick glance over the Pygments sources doesn't seem to show .inc being mapped to lasso though. Now Pygments should do a reasonable job autodetecting the language, but it could well get it wrong.

    Can you show where our highlighting is off and more importantly, can you upload the very test files under filenames that end in .lasso to see if that gives you the expected result?

  2. Eric Knibbe reporter

    See Pygments' lexers/web.py, in which .inc (and .incl and .las) are mapped as alias_filenames for Lasso. I don't believe it's a case of Bitbucket not recognizing the .inc extension, though, because other .inc files in the same repo highlight just fine. This I can't reproduce with pygmentize; e.g. pygmentize -g lspec.spec.inc (highlight the file based on its contents) consistently returns the file's contents unhighlighted. This leads me to believe that Bitbucket's language detection is slightly more involved than just using what Pygments suggests.

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