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Matthew O'Riordan
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I often find that I raise an issue to a team member, and then want to be notified when a ticket has been addressed and needs to be tested. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to do that in Bitbucket - they either mark it as resolved and then I have no idea which ones have been tested or not, or they simply post a comment which means I have to pick up on that. Is there not some way of either adding a workflow for "ready for testing" or similar?

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  1. Adam Gent

    Marcus there is a pattern that is happening over and over. People want another state in the workflow that indicates the code needs to be tested:

    I think most people just need one more state in the workflow. I mean really the "invalid" and "wontfix" state are superfluous. If you could kill one of those and replace it with "testing" or something I would and I'm sure many others would be happy. No need for custom workflows or complicated the notification just replace or add a state in the workflow.

  2. Mike Walters

    @Marcus Bertrand I was really astonished that there is not a "testing" status in the workflow also. We are having to use the "On Hold" status when we send it to our QA department.

    If your not going to have basic features like this or at least address them instead of point people to yet another product which overlaps this process, then why do you even give us an issue tracker

    It seems you are spending more time responding to tickets on this topic than you would just adding it in

  3. Nils Steinger

    @Marcus Bertrand I understand that you want to gain customers for Jira, but adding this small feature won't put anyone off from using Jira, if they need its advanced features, while adding a lot of value to the issue tracker and thus Bitbucket at large. So please reconsider if it might be possible to add another status to the bugtracker -- it would really improve the experience for a lot of Bitbucket's users.

  4. Trey Morris

    It does seem like an intentional gimping for JIRA marketing purposes. Thanks to @Mike Walters for the "on hold" tip. I have been attempting to use bitbucketcards, but it just feels wonky with these states. @Mike Walters I've discovered if you use bitbucketcards you can rename the column to testing even though the underlying bitbucket issue status is "on hold".

  5. Blaine Horrocks


    Weak and shortsighted response wrt such a simple thing. If this is the kind of service offered to paying customers of bitbucket, how often are you going to blow off JIRA users?

  6. Stuart Quinn

    +1 "Testing" and "Accepted" would make a big difference. If we did need to move to an alternative lightweight issue tracker for these statuses, it's not likely to be JIRA - it seems to be a capable product, just too heavy for my clients' needs at the moment.

  7. Cameron Stillion

    I see value in "won't fix" and "invalid" states personally, and replacing a state might be problematic - but adding a state seems incredibly simple and ostensibly would not break any existing data, views, or processes.

    <hint>People using this tracker would be happier to push JIRA if they saw simple fixes like this happening quickly and easily.</hint>


  8. Jason Moore

    The real issue here is that Bitbucket's corporate entity, Atlassian, wants us all to pay for JIRA. It's a simple feature request that has already been implemented on Bitbucket's main competitor, Unfuddle. The Atlassian team just looks greedy at this point ignoring this issue in favor of their commercial product. I hate to state the obvious here, but not everyone needs (or wants) the complexity of JIRA. That is why we are using Bitbucket in the first place.

  9. Ahmed Korany

    Why we are enforced to purchase Jira license for this simple request and we have already purchased Bitbucket license ! we don't need customizable workflow we just need to add simple status

  10. David Marsland

    +1 for at least a Testing and Accepted workflow default instead of Wont Fix and Invalid. Jira is overkill for us and the absence of these Workflow states makes BitBucket Issues more of a novelty than a fully fledged tool.

  11. Gerardo Baez

    Customizable workflows are highly useful. Making workflows customizable doesn't add complexity to Bitbucket and offer a lot of flexibility. There's no need to have "complicated" or "advanced" workflows like Jira does, just the ability to add, remove and rename workflows so they work for every freelancer and small development teams. Jira is overkill for most small projects, freelancers, and small development teams.

    In our case, we could benefit from having "testing", "in progress" and other special contextual workflows like "to be quoted".

    I really like Bitbucket but I am considering switching to Github due to the lack of flexibility when it comes to managing issues.


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