after "git push --tags", newly pushed commits don't show under "Repository-->Commits" and are unavailable as outgoing changes for a pull request

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John Cotton
created an issue

See screenshots attached. The sequence of steps I followed are:

Fork a team repo ('saon/cigar-hmi' --> 'jbcotton/cigar-hmi')

Clone it to my local machine.

Make local commits. Create an annotated git tag. Run "git push --tags".

Go to (Repository-->Commits)

I can't see all the commits, even thought is says showing 1-25 of 25. [See 1st screenshot].

Click on Dashboard.

I can see everything I pushed going to that repo. [See 2nd screenshot].

Click on the 1st commit sha-1.

I can see the commit details in the rpeo, and trace its parent sha1's all the way up. [See 3rd screenshot].

Click on the "Compare" button.

I can't see any outgoing commits to create a pull-request with. [See 4th screenshot].

This is repeatable.

  • If I repeat these steps WITHOUT creating a tag in Step 4, it works fine but I don't have my tag.

  • If I repeat these steps WITH creating the tag in Step 4, but do the push in two steps, things also seem to work fine: $ git push $ git push --tags

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