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Diego Antunes
created an issue

This would be an excellent addition to the service.

Ability to log spent time to an issue, or just spent time in general, like time designing or researching etc... for a date.

Maybe ability to add time to an issue via push? i.e. - Fixes #12, time #1h blablabla; //fixes issue #12 and add 1 hour to it or - #12, time #25m blablabla; //just add a comment to issue 12 and add 25minutes to it's spent time;

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hello, while this won't be a feature of Bitbucket in the future, we will offer this functionality with JIRA in an upcoming update to the JIRA SVCS connector. To find out more about JIRA integration with Bitbucket, check out We'll be adding what we call the 'smart commit' features in about two weeks. It'll work similarly to

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