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Issue #4609 duplicate

Line comments (like github has)

basic sensei
created an issue

Hi! The ability to put comments for a specific line, or maybe to be able to use simply short links to point to line numbers in comments ? like #11 would go to line 11 (maybe this is already possible but I only tested long urls that go to line numbers like: https://bitbucket.org/basicsensei/clj-minecraft/changeset/4f2b984ae6ba0cb62607d9e0865f59390027fbf2#chg_project.clj_newline10 ) This is how github does it: https://github.com/MarkehMe/FactionsPlus/commit/39fb0f68fe85f9ef1f60b16b1da54df6a1acac12#L0L232


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