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Issue #4610 closed

Comments count from old-renamed-project show on the new-project-who-took-its-place (BB-5314)

basic sensei
created an issue

I had a project called clj-minecraft (imported from github location1) which is now renamed to clj-minecraft2 here: https://bitbucket.org/basicsensei/clj-minecraft2 Before renaming I had added 2 comments to commit https://bitbucket.org/basicsensei/clj-minecraft2/changeset/4f2b984ae6ba0cb62607d9e0865f59390027fbf2 (which was then in clj-minecraft project)

After all that (done renaming), i imported clj-minecraft (from github location2 -if it even matters), and then I pushed the last push again which caused the same commit id: https://bitbucket.org/basicsensei/clj-minecraft/changeset/4f2b984ae6ba0cb62607d9e0865f59390027fbf2

All well and good, except if you check the list of commits for clj-minecraft here: https://bitbucket.org/basicsensei/clj-minecraft it shows 2 comments on this commit(but if you step inside there are none), but there are (supposed to be) none, but only the clj-minecraft2 project should have them (and it does).


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