Ability to set (utc_)created_on and utc_last_updated when creating/updating an issue. (BB-5623)

Issue #4635 closed
Eamonn Webster
created an issue

Any chance that these attributes could be made writeable? I would mean that I could correctly import historical issues in to the issue tracker.

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  1. Eamonn Webster reporter

    Thanks, I have come across this in the past. The basic assumption is that the created_at/updated_at timestamps mean the time the event happened, when in fact they are the times that the event was recorded. A subtle but important difference. When dealing with the real world we need the times of the real events, not the time the event was recorded. Unless of course we are investigating the database. The most glaring difference would be on a user record; date_of_birth vs created_at.

    Thanks for you time.

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