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Issue #4657 resolved

Marking a bug as duplicate doesn't work

Lee Conlin
created an issue

When marking a bug as duplicated, it pops a box asking for issue number... I enter a valid issue number and click ok and it tells me issue does not exist.

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  1. Lee Conlin reporter

    Not resolved... still can't do it.

    I just get a message stating "the duplicate issue does not exist" when trying to mark any ticket as duplicate of any other ticket.

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Lee,

    I don't have any issues marking issues as dup's in chrome.

    What OS are you on? Have you tried to shift + reload to make sure you have the latest JS?



  3. Lee Conlin reporter

    (Reply via leec...@easywebstore.net):

    I'm on Windows Vista running Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 m.

    I've completely cleared my browser cache ( Shift+F5 and/or Ctrl+F5 don't work in the current version of chrome FYI ) but still get the same error when trying to mark issues as duplicates.

    On the same machine I can fire up Firefox and can mark as duplicate in there just fine.

    Many thanks,

    Lee Conlin http://www.easywebstore.net/ http://support.easywebstore.net/

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