Redirecting hgweb URLs before raising a 404

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David Larlet created an issue

It's a common use to redirect a repository served by hgweb to a bb's one (at least I hope :). Here are my redirections (lighty setup):



url.redirect = ( "^/biologeek/rev/(.)?$" => "mydomain/biologeek/changeset/$1/", "^/biologeek/archive/(.)?$" => "mydomain/biologeek/", "^/biologeek/file/(.)?$" => "mydomain/biologeek/src/$1/", "^/biologeek/log/(.)?$" => "mydomain/biologeek/changesets/$1/", "^/biologeek/(rss|atom)-log$" => "mydomain/biologeek/$1/", "^/biologeek/(log|shortlog)$" => "mydomain/biologeek/changesets/", "^/biologeek/(summary|tags)?$" => "mydomain/biologeek/", ) }}}

I wonder if it's a good idea to redirect those URLs before raising a 404 error given the facts it doesn't clash with an existing one in bb.

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  1. David Larlet reporter

    Let me know when/if you add this feature, the final redirections are a bit more complete, I forgot some links.

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