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Issue #4664 wontfix

Issue Tracker Improvement (BB-5918)

Anonymous created an issue

I would like to be able to have a tracking system that is independent of the project. For example, my projects are related to each other, but they are separate (db project and java project). I will end up with 2 issue tracking systems, one for each projects. This is ok in the short term, but not good in the long term. I would like to have only one issue tracking system, with a project selection option (which are my two projects above). This way, I could see everything that is related to the overall project, and also reference tickets of cross-project issue. Sometimes I have an issue that is both Java and DB, and having one tacking systems will eliminate duplicates.

Comments (8)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This isn't likely coming in the near term, but some of our users have been working on this using our API, check out http://www.taskrd.com/. Also, we offer JIRA, which can be used with Bitbucket to connect commits across projects and offers profoundly more customization and flexibility.

  2. Wahab Mirjan

    What I was thinking when I wrote this is to have an in-house full solution for issue tracking and source control. I was expecting this to be on hold, but hope that you look into it in future.

  3. Dylan Etkin

    We are not going to fix this.

    We are aiming for a light-weight issue tracker.

    If you want to have one issue tracker for multiple repo's I would suggest creating a third repo where only the issue tracker is enabled.



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