Add ability to test Services (BB-5436)

Issue #4667 resolved
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

Add the ability to send a dummy response or the last commit to test out the Bitbucket services on each service.

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  1. Randy Yates

    Jim Evans - Need this also - the hook works fine posting to, but it never reaches my server (that requires authentication) - I have no way of diagnosing. Can we see the result of the post request?

    +1 this!

    I don't need anything fancy. I just want to see what bitbucket is getting back so I can more easily track down my server configuration issue. Hooks were working fine till around Friday (04/24/15). Now they no longer work. I'm not sure if our server config was changed or what.

  2. Daniel Tao staff

    Hey folks, I'm one of the team leads on Bitbucket and wanted to provide an update on this issue.

    As you may or may not be aware, we recently launched new and improved webhooks, which represent a significant improvement over our old POST service.

    While manually retrying requests is not something we currently offer, it is a feature we're actively implementing at this very moment. So while I can't resolve this issue quite yet, this is a capability we should be offering in the near future.

    Thanks for all of your feedback, and I look forward to sharing some good news and finally putting this 3-year-old issue (!) to rest very soon.

  3. Matt Huyck

    Glad to see you're working on this! Just tried to use webhooks to update Slack but it didn't work and the only indication I have is a red "500" on the request logs screen. The very same URL works just fine with the deprecated POST service.

  4. Daniel Tao staff

    Hey all,

    Apologies for letting this one slip through the cracks. We actually did implement and launch this feature (manual retries) a while ago for our new webhooks.

    Now when viewing the details of a webhook request, you can click the "Resend request" button to manually resend the request.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.40.09 PM.png

    In addition, from the request list view we display a small icon indicating when a request has been attempted multiple times.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.40.23 PM.png

    While I realize this issue was originally opened in reference to our old POST service, we are no longer developing that feature and will eventually deprecate it. Since our new webhooks represent a significant improvement over the POST service in both features and architecture, all users are encouraged to migrate over (and vendors to update their existing integrations).

    Rest assured we won't deprecate the POST service without making a significant effort to help everyone migrate who hasn't already, but in the meantime I'm going to resolve this issue since the feature requested (ability to test an integration by manually triggering a webhook) is available in our webhooks system.


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