Creation of hidden repositories listed on page of a team account (BB-5954)

Issue #4682 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Assume that A and B are a members of the team T. B creates a repository under the account of T. Said repository will be reachable through Team member A may not access newrepo at all, whether read nor write nor admin.

If A checks now, the creation of the repo is visible to A, even though (s)he has no access.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi CuleX,

    We only show newsfeed items to those that have permission to see them.

    If you could see the newly created repo then you will see the news item.

    If the other team member does not have access to the repo then they will not see the news item.

    Have you been able to reproduce this problem you describe? It is possible there is a bug in that perm check. If so we will get right on it.



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