Improve "My repositories" view (BB-6074)

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Diederick Niehorster
created an issue

Dear Sir, Madam,

First of all, thank you for the great product, I'm using it very happily and am very happy with some of its unique features.

When clicking "Repositories" in the UI, the "My repositories" view shows up. I have some issues with this view however:

1) its very liberal in its use of space and only shows ten repos, 2) this is especially annoying as there do not seem to be sorting options

So therefore I would hope something along the lines of the following enhancements would be considered: 1) condense the view, making the gravatar images optional/smaller and keeping all info on one line 2) have an option to set how many repos to show on one page, and increase the default from the current 10 3) have the option to sort repos at least on the following: 1. name of repo, 2. name of user/owner, 3. both 1 and 2, so as currently printed, 4. creation time, 5. last update time

I thought its best to flag this as minor, though its kinda major for me as well, as it would greatly increase my use of the site. I have to go to dashboard now to get some kind of normal listing of repositories.

Thank you for considering, Best, Dee

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  1. Diederick Niehorster reporter
    • changed status to open

    This issue was opened when the previous UI of the site was still in use and pertains to that. However, the whole repositories overview is lost now. When i click repositories in the menu bar, a menu opens instead of going to a page that lists all repositories with various interesting properties of each and sorting options.

    Now the only place where all repositories can be shown is on the right bar of the dashboard, but that is a very short listing with hardly any information.

    Is there something in the works for a new detailed repository listing? I love the new UI, but this is something thats really missing.

    And maybe something further out: it would be nice if i could tag repositories, sorta like you can do with email messages in gmail and with posts on many forums. Then i could search for all my repos with a certain (combination of) tags applied, which can be useful!

    Thanks! Best, Dee

  2. kankri

    I find the Repositories pane in the Dashboard also lacking.

    I currently see almost the same list of repositories whether I select Mine, Following or All. This is apparently because everybody is counted as following their own repository.

    To complicate matters, the lists in those 3 tabs are not sorted in the same order, so it's hard to see what differences there are. So I don't currently have an idea of what All contains which is not in the other 2 tabs.

    Furthermore, I would not consider most of the repositories in Mine as my own, since most of them are forks of other Bitbucket repositories.

    I would like to see a tab for repositories I have created in Bitbucket (Mine), a tab for repos I have forked (Forks), a tab for followed repositories (Following).

    Each of these tabs should contain a repository only once!

    All would be a union of the other tabs (currently it contains also something more) and could have an icon for each repo showing in which of the previous categories it belongs to.

    I think it would still be valuable to have a separate page with a table for the repositories which could have columns for last commit, number of pull requests, issues etc.

  3. kankri

    I noticed that something similar was pointed out in #4756. Good to know I'm not the only one annoyed by the redundancy of the current UI. Sad to see it closed as wontfix. I guess it means that input won't be considered when you decide your next round of UI improvements...

  4. Andrew Ivaskevych

    I was lucky to find it in my emails only. It was really challenging and I think there must be the list with repos which I can modify because currently I see only my personal repos.

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