Clicking images in pull requests results in 404

Issue #4728 resolved
Ian Maddox
created an issue

I got a pull request to merge some new image files. When I click the big grey text which I would expect to show the picture, it instead throws a 404 page.

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  1. Ian Maddox reporter


    Congrats on the new UI. It is a great improvement and I can now view images in pull requests.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to request an improvement in the workflow. In the new UI, to view an image, you have to go through several steps:

    1) Click the image name under "Files Changed"

    2) Click "View file"

    3) Click "View image"

    It would be nice if the binary file diff block that currently says "Binary file added." had a link which opened up a lightbox to view images right on the page. Alternately, images could simply be embedded so we don't have to do so much clicking around.

    These changes would make life much easier for our trunk maintainers who have to review every image before they accept a pull request.

    Thank you!

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