Projects Need Named Releases

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Robert Johnstone
created an issue

Another panel on the project for releases would be appreciated.

Some projects need to be able to bundle particular versions into a release. These archives will not necessarily contain the same files as stored in the repository. For example, some autoconf files won't be present, but the generated configure script will be present. Similar issues occur with flex and bison.

An initial implementation would simply allow a series of .tar.bz2 files to be stored with some associated release notes. A refinement would be automatically generated .tar.gz or .tar files upon download.

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  1. Jesper Noehr


    I'm not sure which project you were intending to report this issue to, but unfortunately you reported it to the main Bitbucket tracker (the site that hosts the project you probably wanted to address.)

    I'll invalidate this issue here, but please go to the other project and select "Issues" from the top tabs, and select "Create."

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Robert Johnstone reporter


    The issue was meant for the main Bitbucket tracker. It was suppose to be an enhancement request, but I must have mislabeled it or perhaps the explanation is not very clear.

    The wiki allows projects to put up documentation, but I don't see a method for serving file releases.


  3. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open


    Of course, pardon my speed-reading. Often people report issues here instead of the intended projects, and I wrongfully assumed you were as well--I should have read it twice.

    Now that I (think) I understand your feature request clearer, I think it's an excellent idea, and I'll try to get something planned that will satisfy this need.

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