Keyboard shortcut for create issue (BB-6033)

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Ian Mayo created an issue

Create Issue is a process that can be triggered from lots of places in a rep (looking at code, looking at another issue, in the wiki).

It would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut for it.

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  1. Ben Cronin

    Agreed. It would be a major user experience plus to have this implemented. We usually create issues in batches (after testing, reviewing code, etc.) so the shortcut would make for a more fluid experience.

    [And as somewhat of an aside, I have to say a create issue keyboard shortcut would have a lot more utility than the existing create repository shortcut! Are there really users out there that create that many repositories that it needs a shortcut key?!]

  2. Ian Mayo reporter

    This issue is even more relevant after the recent UI overhaul.

    Previously, the Issues button was a drop-down button, that included "Create Issue" as the first item.

    Now, we have to click on "Issues", then wait for the issues to load, then click on "Create Issue".

    This isn't just an extra click, it's a page-change, followed by an extra click.

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