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Issue #4736 resolved

no confirmation sent (BB-6064)

Hayssam Saleh
created an issue

The following annoying message keep being displayed on my bb page "This account has an unconfirmed email address. If you haven't received a confirmation, visit the email page to manage them."

When I ask to receive a confirmation email. Nothing happen. I think that it comes from a case sensitive email comparison since BB registers Hayssam.saleh@ebiznext.com and hayssam.saleh@ebiznext.com as two different email

Comments (12)

  1. Hayssam Saleh reporter

    I guess if you were right I would have received all the emails sent by bitbucket as spam and this is not the case. I correctly receive the emails when import succeed of fails.

    Please check your code.

    I checked my spam folder and nothing in there coming from bitbucket.

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