commits can write as a different user to the actual

Issue #4748 wontfix
Bryce Johnson
created an issue

My colleague did a push and it wrote it as a different user. His .gitrc looks good.

repository: odecee-puppet user: gauravve bad-user: fnsonlgrv


I've been noticing that my user has been committing into atlassian internal repos after my departure from atlassian.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hey Bryce,

    We accept commits with any specified author string, so you can certainly pretend to be someone else on the site, this has always been the case.

    As to you being shown as making recent commits, this is a bug. When you import an old repo we publish all the commits as if they just happened and we have a bug where we are not doing that in-order. We will be fixing that.



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